Welcome To

North Shore

A charming surf town with laid-back vibes.

Welcome to North Shore

A charming surf town with laid-back vibes

Known for huge waves and serene communities, Oahu’s North Shore is a charming area and an ocean lover’s dream. With more than 51 beaches, surfing and other activities are this area’s main attractions. 
Native Hawaiians initially settled around this area in 1000 A.D. The fertile land made growing crops easy and drew many farmers to inhabit the area. Even today, the North Shore is still known as an agricultural community because of its rich soil and consistent crops. 
In the 1970s, many people moved to this area to experience the North Shore waves, some of the most challenging to surf in the world. Surfing enthusiasts began moving to the area, and home prices started to increase rapidly. Locals, however, made it clear at the time that they wanted the majority of the land in the area to remain undeveloped. While large projects have been suggested, residents of the area have pushed back against these to help preserve the community’s natural beauty.

What to Love 

  • Rural communities and ocean-front views
  • Fantastic surfing opportunities
  • Plenty of local shops to support

Local Lifestyle 

Community members here are very easygoing and friendly. Residents of the North Shore tend to enjoy a quiet, informal life. Plenty of professional surfers can be seen around the same areas that retired CEOs enjoy. Despite their differences, everyone here is welcoming and warm, and locals enjoy making new friends and spending time with old ones.
Because the North Shore isn’t majorly developed and is a while away from the busyness of downtown Honolulu, the area is typically tranquil. Because of this, the North Shore is known as a quiet way to experience all that Oahu has to offer while still being close to bigger communities.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping 

In the North Shore, food trucks are abundant and extremely popular. One very popular option is Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck. This food truck became so well-known for its shrimp dishes that in 2006, Giovanni’s parked and built a pavilion in a permanent location so that the North Shore community could have easy access to its food whenever they pleased. 
Pupukea Grill is another well-liked food truck in the area. They serve wraps, salads, sushi, and even acai, all of which make for a perfect mid-day beach meal. Make sure to stop at Matsumoto Shave Ice as well - this family-owned restaurant has the best icy treats in town.
The North Shore is also packed with surf shops and souvenir stores carrying all types of clothing, gifts, and jewelry to give to friends and family.

Things to Do

Being one of the most surf-oriented communities on Oahu, residents of the North Shore can often be found out on the water. Widely regarded as having some of the best surfing conditions on the planet, thousands of surfers come to the area each year to experience what the North Shore waves have to offer. Throughout the winter, there are various big-wave professional surf events, including the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. As one of the most prestigious and difficult tests of ability for surfers, this event draws experienced athletes and surf enthusiasts to the North Shore year after year. 
For those seeking out a similar sort of thrill but with a different activity, the many beaches on the North Shore provide plenty of other opportunities. Sailplane, glider, and ultralight rides can be done at Dillingham Airfield, and skydiving is available here as well!
Located at Pupukea Beach, Shark’s Cove is another fantastic attraction. Rated by Scuba Diving Magazine as one of the “Top Twelve Shore Dives in the World,” this beach provides calm water for those who want to snorkel and take in the underwater scene. 
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